Follow the news and progress of the Menshi Ya Mweo-Trust‘s projects on the following pages:

Inauguration of playground of 12TCC (30/8/2017)

Mr. Mankel opened the playground of 12TCC in Kaputula at the end of August [Read more]

Support by the BG Bonn ’92 (18/9/2017)

Special connection between BG Bonn’ 92 and Kabwes basketball teams [Read more]

Visits to the Zambian embassies (20/12/2017 + 14/06/2018)

7×7 Zambia Ltd. visited the embassies in Berlin and London in order to present its projects and establish contacts [Read more]

Development of 1TCC (18/4/2018)

A lot has happened since the plot purchase and the 1TCC is developing [Read more]

Container Preparations (4/6/2018)

At the end of May 2018, we purchased the first 4 containers, which are now [Read more]

Property for container warehouse (19/9/2018)

In the heart of Kabwe, we have acquired a plot of land on which we’ll build a warehouse from the containers that we’ll send [Read more]

SECOCHA campaign week (8/10/2018)

Successful beginning of the collection of donations in kind by the 7x7lebenswert Stiftung for our social projects in Zambia [Read more]

Well construction for 1TCC and Makululu (2/11/2018)

After several weeks of fundraising, the construction of the well for the 1TCC started at the end of October [Read more]

Visit to Zambia 2018 (26/11/- 05/12/2018)

There are eventful days behind us with many ups and downs. Many surprises [Read more]

Visit to Zambia 2018 – Personal report by Andreas Mankel (6/12/2018)

“Good Morning – How are you – I am hungry” this is how we were approached daily by 5-10 girls & boys [Read more]

Christmas (04/01/2019)

The 7x7lebenswert Stiftung has supported the JIFAN Association for the organization of Christmas celebrations in 8 communities of Zambia. [Read more]

Feeding Program (18/01/2019)

The 7x7lebenswert Stiftung supports the JIFAN Association’s monthly feeding program for youth living on the street and vulnerable children. [Read more]

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