Construction of Wells

Idea: Well constructions for creating access to clean drinking water.

In many parts of the city there is a lack of basic infrastructure such as water pipes, sewers or sanitary facilities. The consumption of polluted water leads to the spread of diseases for example cholera, diarrhoea or dysentery. Since many houses do not have water pipes, the families are dependent on the wells in the city. However, some of them are out of order and others dry out during the dry season, so that many people often have to walk far to get water. Therefore we want to ensure reliable access to clean drinking water.

In 2017 we built our first water well in the district of Makwati:

  • In collaboration with local companies and inhabitants
  • Supply of about 100 inhabitants and of the 7TCC with drinking water
  • Cost of about 7,000 €, financed by Menshi Ya Mweo – Trust

In 2018, two wells followed in the huge Makululu slum with over 90,000 inhabitants. On the grounds of our One Tree Children Center 1TCC, which is currently under construction, we installed two water wells:

  • A well with a hand pump, which supplies the surrounding households in the neighbourhood with clean drinking water
  • A well with an electric pump and storage tank for the 1TCC
  • Read the report about this: Water well construction for 1TCC and Makululu

Another well is currently being planned for the Kaputula district and our Children Center 12TCC there. Please help with the construction of the well via: