Children Center

The beginning

When the Mankel family visited Kabwe in April 2017, they noticed that many children roamed the streets and squares of Kabwe, often without occupation and only cared for by older children or siblings. Many of these children are half or full orphans because their parents have died of AIDS or other illnesses. Single parents usually work during the day to earn a livelihood for their family and therefore often cannot look after their children during this time. In Kabwe there is a lack of childcare places and not all parents can afford a regular and multi-year school attendance of their children.

The Mankel family wants to contribute to improve this situation and so Stefanie Mankel promised during her stay in April 2017 the construction of a day care children center in the district Kaputula.

Project idea and objectives

Setting up of children center in different districts of Kabwe.

  • Under the leadership of Lazarous Chongo and his team as well as care of children by local employees.
  • Each center including full-day care, lunch, playground and basketball court.
  • Sport, especially basketball, as an important complement and balance to classes and daily life.
  • Funding by donations to Menshi Ya Mweo- Trust.
  • Plots of land were purchased in the districts of Kaputula and Makwati. First, in these locations and later also in other districts children center are to be established step by step.

Founded Children Center

Since this promise in April 2017, land has been acquired in three parts of Kabwe. In the course of the next months and years, first of all in these two and later also in other districts of Kabwe, children’s day care centers will be created step by step.

The development of the already started projects can be seen under news and under the following sub-pages.

One Tree Children Center (1TCC) - Makululu 
Seven Trees Children Center (7TCC) - Makwati
Twelve Trees Children Center (12TCC) - Kaputula
City districts of Kabwe