SECOCHA campaign week

The SECOCHA (“Second Chance”) campaign of our foundation 7x7lebenswert Stiftung has been successfully launched: During the campaign week at the beginning of October we actively collected donations in kind for our social projects in Zambia.

Wir haben den bundesweiten Tag der Stiftungen am 1. Oktober genutzt und unsere SECOCHA (“SECOnd CHAnce”) Aktionswoche ins Leben gerufen.

We used the nationwide Foundations Day on the 1st of October to launch our SECOCHA (“SECOnd CHAnce”) action week

Hintergrund der Aktion Background of the campaign

Our 7x7lebenswert Stiftung supports social projects in Kabwe, the fourth largest city in Zambia. In particular, we are involved in sports, water well construction, education, childcare and the promotion of vocational training and start-up initiatives. To this end, the foundation also wants to send containers with donated useful goods on a regular basis. This is why the SECOCHA (SECOnd CHAnce) campaign was launched. Foundation founder Andreas Mankel explains the campaign as follows:

“We want to give the objects a “second chance” by finding a meaningful reuse in Zambia and spreading joy there. Thus we create more space in German households and at the same time support the people in Kabwe in their everyday life.”

Summary of the action week

We started the campaign on 1st October. The donations in kind – mainly used bicycles, tools as well as sportswear and shoes – were either delivered directly to our container site in Bonn-Beul or collected from the donors in the vicinity of Bonn.


On the day of action on 1.10 the weather was cold and rainy. We would like to thank the donors, who nevertheless came to us at the container site to hand over their donations in kind. In general, we received positive feedback and motivating words for our commitment.

What’s next?

We are still waiting for an important certificate to be issued in Zambia. However, our first container will probably go on a two-month cruise to Zambia at the end of the year.

Our aim is to regularly send containers with useful goods to Kabwe. In the future, we want to concentrate even more on items that can be used by vocational training initiatives and small business start-ups in this city, especially tools, workbenches, garden tools and other small mechanical equipment. However, we continue to look for donations in kind to promote school education as well as musical and sporting activities – English-language books, desks, educational games, bicycles, sports balls, shoes, musical instruments, etc.

The concept of ‘second chance’ does not only apply to the donated items that are to be given a second use in Kabwe – the containers will also be converted for other purposes after unloading: they will be converted into a container warehouse and into a model for the social housing project ‘Flexi-Village’ of 7×7 Zambia Limited.

Grundstück Mulungushi-Lagerhalle+ModelFlexiVillage
Vision for one of our properties in Kabwe – construction of a container warehouse and a “Flexi-Village” model
Participate and contribute

Anyone who wishes to take an active part in the campaign can (upon prior agreement) personally hand in donations in kind according to the list below or we also offer to collect items in the vicinity of Bonn.

  • Bicycles and bicycle equipment
  • Tools and workbenches, gardening tools, small mechanical tools (if suitable for vocational training and start-ups)
  • Toys (skipping rope, stilts, puzzle, etc.)
  • School material (exercise books, pens, English books and educational games, satchels / backpacks, etc.)
  • Furnishings for children center (desks, chairs, blackboards, etc.)
  • Musical instruments (especially acoustic guitars)
  • Sports articles (basketball and footballs, sports clothing and shoes, training equipment, etc.)
  • Suitcases and sports bags
  • Useful camping equipment such as tents, chairs, tables, etc


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Well construction for 1TCC and Makululu

Access to clean drinking water for the 1TCC and the surrounding neighbourhood

n mid-July, we launched an appeal for donations for the construction of a water well for our Children Center 1TCC in the district of Makululu in Kabwe, Zambia. The construction started at the end of October and we were able to inaugurate the well with hand pump personally at the beginning of December.

Review – water supply up to now

Two women had to scoop water daily from a far away waterhole and then carry it to the Children Center. Here the water was used for washing hands and drinking water for the 270 students of the 1TCC. With a well on the 1TCC’s property, we not only wanted to save the two women from this arduous daily work, but also to give the children and teachers of the 1TCC reliable access to clean water.

Beginning of well construction – an unexpected obstacle and its creative solution

Thanks to the support of the donors, drilling of the borehole began on 30.10.2018. It turned out that the soil did not allow a deep borehole. As a result, it was decided to dig two boreholes, each 30 metres deep. A hand pump was installed at one of the boreholes to allow the surrounding neighbourhood access to drinking water. The other borehole was equipped with a submersible pump (pump capacity: 2.5 litres/sec.) and a storage tank of 5000 litres at a 6 m tank level. The latter will then supply the children of the 1TCC as well as the participants of various events of our local partner organisation JIFAN Association with water on a daily basis.

Inauguration of the first well – an emotional and beautiful moment

As part of our visit to Kabwe, we were able to inaugurate the water well with hand pump at the beginning of December 2018. More than 200 children, teenagers and adults attended the opening ceremony and we were warmly welcomed with singing and dancing. Every day up to 100 households use this well and the people are very grateful and happy about it. For the commissioning of the electric well we are still waiting for the electricity connection, which will be completed in the coming weeks.

Hintergrund – Stadtviertel Makululu und unser  1TCC

With more than 90,000 inhabitants, the huge Makululu slum is currently considered the largest township in southern Africa. Many inhabitants live in small, self-built wooden or clay houses and there is a lack of basic infrastructure such as water pipes, sewers, sanitary facilities, electricity network, etc.. There are a few widely scattered public wells that often dry out during the dry season or are out of order due to technical problems. Mostly people scoop water from water holes in the ground and carry it for the daily use up to several kilometres back to their homes. The consumption of contaminated water leads to the spread of diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea and dysentery.

Many children in Kabwe are half or full orphans because their parents have died of AIDS or other diseases or the father has left the family. Kabwes’ (single) parents often work during the day to earn a living for their family and therefore they often cannot take care of their children during this time. In Kabwe there is a lack of childcare places and especially in the poor districts many parents cannot finance a regular school attendance of their children for several years. We want to contribute to the improvement of this situation and are therefore establishing Children Centers, which the children can visit free of charge and where they are also taught according to their age. Since the 1TCC (One Tree Children Center) in Makululu was founded at the beginning of April 2018 and 7 volunteer teachers regularly teach the children, the number of pupils has grown steadily. Currently, up to 370 children and adolescents attend the 1TCC. Here they will learn the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. The kids are highly motivated and eager to learn. We want to promote them and support them on their way to a good school education and subsequent vocational training.

Education is fundamental to a self-determined and independent life and one of the most effective means of combating poverty and exploitation.

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Property for container warehouse

In the middle of June 2018 we bought a 0.45 ha property in the district of Mulungushi, in the heart of Kabwe. Currently the property is leveled and fenced in for security reasons.

In the course of the next months and years the containers sent by us (see container preparations) will be set up here. The first containers will be stacked in such a way that a warehouse including PV roof will be created. The goods from our Social and Social Business Containers will be stored there and distributed from here. In addition, containers will be converted into living spaces on the site to create a mini-model consisting of 4 living units for the Flexi-Village project of 7x7Zambia Limited.

Information about the action week at the beginning of October: Donations in kind for social projects in Kabwe, Zambia

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Preparations for the containers

At the end of May 2018 we acquired the first 4 containers, which are now temporarily stored on a property in Bonn. In the next few weeks we will fill two of them and then send them to Kabwe. In the course of time, the first containers will be converted into a warehouse with a PV roof. Later containers will be converted into living spaces for our social housing project Flexi-Village.

One of the frist two containters will transport goods for our social business projects. It will be filled with sports equipment for the sports shop, t-shirt printing machines, bicycles, cotton candy machines and sweets for the Sugar Fan project, used but well working refrigerators, etc.

The other container will transport goods for the social projects of our Menshi Ya Mweo–Trust. These include musical instruments, sports equipment, basketball baskets, equipment for our Children Centers and 2 trailers with drinking water tanks of 1000 litres each.

We are happy to accept useful and well-preserved items as donations, such as musical instruments, bicycles, tools, workbenches, sports equipment (sports shoes, footballs, basketballs, etc.) and suitable toys for Children Center (such as skipping ropes, stilts, English books, puzzles, …). You can find more detailed information on how to contact us and hand over the items on the donations page or via our contact form.

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Visits to Zambian embassies in Berlin and London

Zambian High Commission in London (14/06/2018)

In mid-June 2018, Mr. Mankel and Ms. Besser presented the projects of 7×7 Zambia Limited and the Menshi Ya Mweo–Trust to the High Commissioner, H.E. Muyeba Shichapwa Chikonde, the Deputy High Commissioner, Ms. Patricia Chanda, and other representatives of the Zambian High Commission in London. All those present were very interested in our ideas and we were promised help with some administrative matters.

Zambian Embassy in Berlin (20-21/12/2017)

During a two-day stay in Berlin, Andreas Mankel, Lazarous Chongo, Moses Sikalaa and Rebecca Besser had the opportunity to meet various representatives of the Zambian Embassy including Ambassador H. E. Anthony Mukwita and to present the projects of 7×7 Zambia Limited and the Menshi Ya Mweo–Trust. Ms. Theresa Kimena invited the team to a delicious Zambian dinner with her family. At the same time, Lazarous Chongo, who visited the Mankel family over Christmas, had the opportunity to get an impression of the German capital. Thanks to the help of the Ambassador, a letter was sent to the Zambian Energy Minister in which we briefly introduced ourselves and our projects.

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Development of 1TCC

1. Land purchase

At the beginning of March 2018 we acquired a plot of land with a total size of approximately 1050 m² in the district of Makululu. The 1TCC (One Tree Children Center) is to be set up there in the next few months.

Makululu has more than 90,000 inhabitants and is the largest informal settlement in Zambia and southern Africa.

2. Start of classes

As part of the “Community Based Education Empowerment (CBEE)” initiative of the JIFAN Association, classes for children and young people are held on the site and in the existing small building. At present about 270 children and 60 obedient boys and girls participate.

A large number of them have never attended school or had to drop out of school prematurely because their family could no longer finance their school attendance.

The children are divided into three classes according to their age – a group of 3- to 4-year-olds formed by 60 kids, a group of 5- to 12-year-olds formed by 150 kids and a group of 13- to 20-year-olds formed by 60 kids. The younger ones are taught Monday to Friday from 7 to 8 am, the older ones from 7 to 9 am, and the oldest ones from 2 to 3 pm by 7 volunteer teachers.

3. New blackboards

Thanks to donations, two new large blackboards could be bought in the second week of April. This contributes significantly to improving the quality of learning, as the children can now read better what the teachers write on the blackboards. Previously, worn, small boards were used on which it was difficult to see what was written, especially for the students in the back rows.

4. Toilet house

A further step towards the construction of a complete day care centre. In the first two weeks of April, a toilet house with septic tanks was built on the property of the 1 TCC. This was urgently needed, as there are over 400 people on this site every day.

5. Awarding the teachers

At the beginning of May, the 7 teachers received a certificate as an award and recognition of their valuable work. With much commitment, initiative and heart, these women from Makululu teach the school children of the 1TCC free of charge. They are all mothers themselves and contribute to the livelihood of their families through other small professional activities.

6. Next steps

With the help of donations, the construction of a school building including the equipment with chairs and tables is to be financed. The building on the property of the 1TCC is far too small and dark for this purpose.

Further plans for the future include the construction of a playground and a football field or basketball court so that 1TCC students can play there during class breaks and during their free time. Regular exercise is important for the health and physical development of young people. Sport also means fun and distraction from everyday life and a meaningful leisure activity. In addition, sports like football and basketball strengthen team spirit and self-confidence. Social skills such as tolerance, fairness, discipline, perseverance and dealing with conflicts and defeats are promoted as well. These skills not only contribute to peaceful coexistence, but are also an important foundation for the future and the working life.

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Food distribution to children and youths

The 7x7lebenswert Foundation regularly sponsors the “Children Living on Streets Empowerment Fellowship“, which the JIFAN Association organizes once a month in Kabwe. The program is conducted monthly with young people from different parts of the city. They eat together, pray, sing and talk about life on the street and possible ways out of this. These meetings are important for the young people, not only because it is often difficult for them to get enough food on the street, but also because the community gives them hope, encouragement and suggestions for improving their living conditions. The organization regularly seeks dialogue with the street children and tries to find possibilities to improve their lives and ways for them to return to school and get in touch with their families.

December 2018

21 kids were invited to the meeting in December and shared the national dish of Zambia, Nshima (made of maize floor).

January 2019

In January the next meeting took place and the group ate and prayed together, and talked about life on the street. The JIFAN Association noted positive developments of these young people in the past weeks. For example, they stopped sniffing a substance called a “sticker” and the bottles used for this purpose were burned during the meeting.

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Christmas Celebrations

The 7x7lebenswert Stiftunghas supported the JIFAN Association (Jesus Is For All Nations)to organize Christmas celebrations for hundreds of people in 8 communities in Zambia. They danced, sang, prayed and ate together and performed drama and verses from the Bible.

Below is the message from Lazarous Chongo, Director of the JIFAN Association, and some impressions of these special celebrations for the feast of love.


Every year we do trust God to help vulnerable children enjoy a Christmas celebration where they each receive a present, such as clothing, toys or shoes, enjoy a delicious feast and hear a message of Christ’s love that we do share with them.
Yesterday we had great time with children, young people and thier parents celebrating Christmas in 8 communities of Zambia – Mwansabombwe, Mufulira, Makwati, Kakumbi, Choma, Nakoli, Kasama and Makululu. We were singing Christmas songs, dancing, sharing bible memory verses, drama centered on the birth of Jesus, sharing gifts, word of God and eating together. We provided a safe and meaningful platforms and give vulnerable children a chance to celebrate Christmas with love, hope, happiness and meaningful.
Thank you so much for helping us to reach vulnerable children and families this Christmas. Many of them would have been exploited and forgotten during this Christmas celebration.
We have been together in this God’s mission creating healthier, wealthier and safer communities for His glory
Be blessed.
Lazarous Chongo, in the name of JIFAN Association

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Visit to Zambia 2018

There are eventful days behind us with many ups and downs. Many surprises, obstacles and emotions have accompanied us in these days. Two of the first words (besides the ubiquitous “Muli shani = How are you?) we learned in Bemba, one of the most spoken languages in Zambia, are “tekanja” (patience) and “lolela” (wait).

The aim of our visit was to meet our Zambian team, to see the progress of the projects so far and to plan the next steps. Of course, we were also looking forward to the meetings with the different groups that the JIFAN Association had founded in Kabwe and about whose activities the leader of the organization, Lazarous Chongo, regularly keeps us up to date with photos and reports.

We arrived with suitcases full of souvenirs for our Zambian team, Lazarous Chongo and Noel Zulu, as well as with numerous items (sports shoes, training material, jerseys, sports balls, etc.) to support the sports projects of the JIFAN Association in Zambia.

Social projects (7x7lebenswert Stiftung – Germany, Menshi Ya Mweo-Trust – Zambia)

During our stay we visited all three Children Centers (1TCC, 7TCC, 12TCC) and were warmly welcomed by many curious children. In the 12TCC in the district Kaputula our playground is visited daily by numerous kids. As a next step, here as well as on the property of the 7TCC in the district Makwati we would like to build a basketball court. For the 7TCC further equipment will be installed to complete the playground. A highlight of our trip was the visit of the 1TCC in the district Makululu, one of the biggest slums of southern Africa. Here we were welcomed by more than 200 children, teenagers and adults with singing and dancing. Afterwards Andreas Mankel ceremonially inaugurated the hand water well sponsored by us by collected donations. The water well is to provide the inhabitants of the surrounding houses with clean drinking water so that they no longer have to walk large distances to the next water hole. In addition, we have set up a well with an electric pump and storage tank to supply the students and teachers of the 1TCC with water. We are still waiting for the electricity connection by the national electricity provider, but then this well can also be opened.

Inauguration of the hand water pump

Link for video:

Missionary and social commitment (JIFAN Association)

In the three districts Makwati, Makululu and Kaputula weekly meetings of the respective Obedient Girls and Boys -, Parent Empowerment Fellowship – and Children Development – groups take place. In addition, the JIFAN Association organizes classes for the children of the 1TCC, in which so far 10 women take care of the children free of charge in the morning and teach them the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic as well as English. The JIFAN Association has also initiated the Community Vegetable Garden in Makwati, which is mainly run by the young members of the Obedient Boys and Girls – Makwati group. We observed that several people worked there diligently and enthusiastically every day. Water from the well we built in Makwati is used for irrigation.

Social Business Projects (7×7 Zambia Ltd.)

Read about our activities and the progress of our 7×7 Zambia Limited projects:

In addition, we spent a lot of time in various authorities with different applications and were able to get things moving.


In conclusion, we can say that during our visit to Zambia we mastered challenges, overcame unexpected obstacles by detours, shook many hands and made new friends. We will continue to keep Zambia and especially Kabwe and its inhabitants in our hearts and minds and are already looking forward to the next reunion. We thank everyone who made our stay something very special and unforgettable. Many thanks also to the donors who support the 7x7lebenswert Stiftung and the JIFAN Association and made so much of what we have achieved so far possible.

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Support by the BG Bonn ’92

As already mentioned under basketball, there is a special connection between the BG Bonn ’92 and the basketball teams in Kabwe.

Thanks to the call of the BG Bonn ’92 on 17th September 2017, the day of the season opening, many used basketball shoes were delivered that the club members no longer needed. Thank you very much !! The teams in Kabwe will be very happy and grateful because most players currently have to play barefoot.

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