Sport for children and teens worldwide means fun and distraction from everyday life, a meaningful pastime, contributes to their health and promotes team spirit. For young people, especially in poorer countries, an additional importance is added. According to Lazaous Chongo, many children in Zambia can never attend school or only for a limited time. As a result, many of them lack not only academic knowledge, but also the strengthening of character traits such as personal responsibility and discipline, which however can partly be learnt through sport. This teaches them that it takes stamina, effort and ambition to achieve goals – and this can be very helpful for their future.

For these reasons, the Mankel family is also interested in expanding the range of sport facilities in Kabwe. During his stay in Kabwe, Simon Mankel regularly offered football training for the youth of the town. When the entire family visited Kabwe in April 2017, they were inspired by the passion of their other son, Joshua Mankel, for basketball and decided to introduce basketball training in Kabwe and therefore brought along two tricot sets from the BG Bonn ’92. On a concrete field and with two old, heavily rusted basketball hoops, 24 kids got their first real basketball training with a real basketball under the direction of Joshua (then team member of the U12 of the BG Bonn ’92). He first did a few drill and pass exercises with his new teammates, then showed them lay-up exercises and at the end, of course, a game took place. One could tell by looking at their faces that the adolescents had a lot of fun and joy that day.

Since that day, the teens have been working diligently with the support of their trainer Tom. With the help of the Menshi Ya Mweo – Trust, hopefully soon the old basketball hoop can be replaced and new basketball courts can be built close to our children center 7TCC and 12TCC.


The report of the BG Bonn ’92 is available (in German) at:

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