Seven Trees Children Center (7TCC)


  • LogoNaming: Following the example of the 12TCC, the name Seven Trees Children Center (7TCC) is derived from the number of trees on the site of the children center.
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Plot of the 7TCC

 Progress and current status

  • Aquisition of two adjacent plots of a total size of 800 m² in the district of Makwati (see map).
  • Lazarous and his team visit the children center regularly, distribute food and drinks and teach, sing and play with the kids. Issues such as waste disposal or hygiene are also adressed, which can make a decisive contribution to an improvement of the linving conditions in Kabwe and can counteract the spread of cholera, diarrhea or dysentery.

Next steps and future objectives

  • Building a playground
  • Construction of basketball court
  • Sanitary facilities (toilets, washbasin, etc.)
  • Kitchen area
  • Well with clean drinking water
  • Class room
  • Staff recruitment and full-day child care in the 7TCC including lunch