SECOCHA campaign week

The SECOCHA (“Second Chance”) campaign of our foundation 7x7lebenswert Stiftung has been successfully launched: During the campaign week at the beginning of October we actively collected donations in kind for our social projects in Zambia.

Wir haben den bundesweiten Tag der Stiftungen am 1. Oktober genutzt und unsere SECOCHA (“SECOnd CHAnce”) Aktionswoche ins Leben gerufen.

We used the nationwide Foundations Day on the 1st of October to launch our SECOCHA (“SECOnd CHAnce”) action week

Hintergrund der Aktion Background of the campaign

Our 7x7lebenswert Stiftung supports social projects in Kabwe, the fourth largest city in Zambia. In particular, we are involved in sports, water well construction, education, childcare and the promotion of vocational training and start-up initiatives. To this end, the foundation also wants to send containers with donated useful goods on a regular basis. This is why the SECOCHA (SECOnd CHAnce) campaign was launched. Foundation founder Andreas Mankel explains the campaign as follows:

“We want to give the objects a “second chance” by finding a meaningful reuse in Zambia and spreading joy there. Thus we create more space in German households and at the same time support the people in Kabwe in their everyday life.”

Summary of the action week

We started the campaign on 1st October. The donations in kind – mainly used bicycles, tools as well as sportswear and shoes – were either delivered directly to our container site in Bonn-Beul or collected from the donors in the vicinity of Bonn.


On the day of action on 1.10 the weather was cold and rainy. We would like to thank the donors, who nevertheless came to us at the container site to hand over their donations in kind. In general, we received positive feedback and motivating words for our commitment.

What’s next?

We are still waiting for an important certificate to be issued in Zambia. However, our first container will probably go on a two-month cruise to Zambia at the end of the year.

Our aim is to regularly send containers with useful goods to Kabwe. In the future, we want to concentrate even more on items that can be used by vocational training initiatives and small business start-ups in this city, especially tools, workbenches, garden tools and other small mechanical equipment. However, we continue to look for donations in kind to promote school education as well as musical and sporting activities – English-language books, desks, educational games, bicycles, sports balls, shoes, musical instruments, etc.

The concept of ‘second chance’ does not only apply to the donated items that are to be given a second use in Kabwe – the containers will also be converted for other purposes after unloading: they will be converted into a container warehouse and into a model for the social housing project ‘Flexi-Village’ of 7×7 Zambia Limited.

Grundstück Mulungushi-Lagerhalle+ModelFlexiVillage
Vision for one of our properties in Kabwe – construction of a container warehouse and a “Flexi-Village” model
Participate and contribute

Anyone who wishes to take an active part in the campaign can (upon prior agreement) personally hand in donations in kind according to the list below or we also offer to collect items in the vicinity of Bonn.

  • Bicycles and bicycle equipment
  • Tools and workbenches, gardening tools, small mechanical tools (if suitable for vocational training and start-ups)
  • Toys (skipping rope, stilts, puzzle, etc.)
  • School material (exercise books, pens, English books and educational games, satchels / backpacks, etc.)
  • Furnishings for children center (desks, chairs, blackboards, etc.)
  • Musical instruments (especially acoustic guitars)
  • Sports articles (basketball and footballs, sports clothing and shoes, training equipment, etc.)
  • Suitcases and sports bags
  • Useful camping equipment such as tents, chairs, tables, etc


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