Development of 1TCC

1. Land purchase

At the beginning of March 2018 we acquired a plot of land with a total size of approximately 1050 m² in the district of Makululu. The 1TCC (One Tree Children Center) is to be set up there in the next few months.

Makululu has more than 90,000 inhabitants and is the largest informal settlement in Zambia and southern Africa.

2. Start of classes

As part of the “Community Based Education Empowerment (CBEE)” initiative of the JIFAN Association, classes for children and young people are held on the site and in the existing small building. At present about 270 children and 60 obedient boys and girls participate.

A large number of them have never attended school or had to drop out of school prematurely because their family could no longer finance their school attendance.

The children are divided into three classes according to their age – a group of 3- to 4-year-olds formed by 60 kids, a group of 5- to 12-year-olds formed by 150 kids and a group of 13- to 20-year-olds formed by 60 kids. The younger ones are taught Monday to Friday from 7 to 8 am, the older ones from 7 to 9 am, and the oldest ones from 2 to 3 pm by 7 volunteer teachers.

3. New blackboards

Thanks to donations, two new large blackboards could be bought in the second week of April. This contributes significantly to improving the quality of learning, as the children can now read better what the teachers write on the blackboards. Previously, worn, small boards were used on which it was difficult to see what was written, especially for the students in the back rows.

4. Toilet house

A further step towards the construction of a complete day care centre. In the first two weeks of April, a toilet house with septic tanks was built on the property of the 1 TCC. This was urgently needed, as there are over 400 people on this site every day.

5. Awarding the teachers

At the beginning of May, the 7 teachers received a certificate as an award and recognition of their valuable work. With much commitment, initiative and heart, these women from Makululu teach the school children of the 1TCC free of charge. They are all mothers themselves and contribute to the livelihood of their families through other small professional activities.

6. Next steps

With the help of donations, the construction of a school building including the equipment with chairs and tables is to be financed. The building on the property of the 1TCC is far too small and dark for this purpose.

Further plans for the future include the construction of a playground and a football field or basketball court so that 1TCC students can play there during class breaks and during their free time. Regular exercise is important for the health and physical development of young people. Sport also means fun and distraction from everyday life and a meaningful leisure activity. In addition, sports like football and basketball strengthen team spirit and self-confidence. Social skills such as tolerance, fairness, discipline, perseverance and dealing with conflicts and defeats are promoted as well. These skills not only contribute to peaceful coexistence, but are also an important foundation for the future and the working life.

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