Food distribution to children and youths

The 7x7lebenswert Foundation regularly sponsors the “Children Living on Streets Empowerment Fellowship“, which the JIFAN Association organizes once a month in Kabwe. The program is conducted monthly with young people from different parts of the city. They eat together, pray, sing and talk about life on the street and possible ways out of this. These meetings are important for the young people, not only because it is often difficult for them to get enough food on the street, but also because the community gives them hope, encouragement and suggestions for improving their living conditions. The organization regularly seeks dialogue with the street children and tries to find possibilities to improve their lives and ways for them to return to school and get in touch with their families.

December 2018

21 kids were invited to the meeting in December and shared the national dish of Zambia, Nshima (made of maize floor).

January 2019

In January the next meeting took place and the group ate and prayed together, and talked about life on the street. The JIFAN Association noted positive developments of these young people in the past weeks. For example, they stopped sniffing a substance called a “sticker” and the bottles used for this purpose were burned during the meeting.

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