Visit to Zambia 2018

There are eventful days behind us with many ups and downs. Many surprises, obstacles and emotions have accompanied us in these days. Two of the first words (besides the ubiquitous “Muli shani = How are you?) we learned in Bemba, one of the most spoken languages in Zambia, are “tekanja” (patience) and “lolela” (wait).

The aim of our visit was to meet our Zambian team, to see the progress of the projects so far and to plan the next steps. Of course, we were also looking forward to the meetings with the different groups that the JIFAN Association had founded in Kabwe and about whose activities the leader of the organization, Lazarous Chongo, regularly keeps us up to date with photos and reports.

We arrived with suitcases full of souvenirs for our Zambian team, Lazarous Chongo and Noel Zulu, as well as with numerous items (sports shoes, training material, jerseys, sports balls, etc.) to support the sports projects of the JIFAN Association in Zambia.

Social projects (7x7lebenswert Stiftung – Germany, Menshi Ya Mweo-Trust – Zambia)

During our stay we visited all three Children Centers (1TCC, 7TCC, 12TCC) and were warmly welcomed by many curious children. In the 12TCC in the district Kaputula our playground is visited daily by numerous kids. As a next step, here as well as on the property of the 7TCC in the district Makwati we would like to build a basketball court. For the 7TCC further equipment will be installed to complete the playground. A highlight of our trip was the visit of the 1TCC in the district Makululu, one of the biggest slums of southern Africa. Here we were welcomed by more than 200 children, teenagers and adults with singing and dancing. Afterwards Andreas Mankel ceremonially inaugurated the hand water well sponsored by us by collected donations. The water well is to provide the inhabitants of the surrounding houses with clean drinking water so that they no longer have to walk large distances to the next water hole. In addition, we have set up a well with an electric pump and storage tank to supply the students and teachers of the 1TCC with water. We are still waiting for the electricity connection by the national electricity provider, but then this well can also be opened.

Inauguration of the hand water pump

Link for video:

Missionary and social commitment (JIFAN Association)

In the three districts Makwati, Makululu and Kaputula weekly meetings of the respective Obedient Girls and Boys -, Parent Empowerment Fellowship – and Children Development – groups take place. In addition, the JIFAN Association organizes classes for the children of the 1TCC, in which so far 10 women take care of the children free of charge in the morning and teach them the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic as well as English. The JIFAN Association has also initiated the Community Vegetable Garden in Makwati, which is mainly run by the young members of the Obedient Boys and Girls – Makwati group. We observed that several people worked there diligently and enthusiastically every day. Water from the well we built in Makwati is used for irrigation.

Social Business Projects (7×7 Zambia Ltd.)

Read about our activities and the progress of our 7×7 Zambia Limited projects:

In addition, we spent a lot of time in various authorities with different applications and were able to get things moving.


In conclusion, we can say that during our visit to Zambia we mastered challenges, overcame unexpected obstacles by detours, shook many hands and made new friends. We will continue to keep Zambia and especially Kabwe and its inhabitants in our hearts and minds and are already looking forward to the next reunion. We thank everyone who made our stay something very special and unforgettable. Many thanks also to the donors who support the 7x7lebenswert Stiftung and the JIFAN Association and made so much of what we have achieved so far possible.

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