inauguration of playground of 12TCC

As part of his stay in Kabwe at the end of August 2017 (read: Andreas Mankel opened the playground of the 12TCC.

Swings, climbing frames and a seesaw were specially designed in Kabwe for this purpose and afterwards set up on the grounds of the 12TCC. This play equipment was supplemented by the plate swings, climbing and jump ropes, canned stilts and frisbee brought by Andreas Mankel from Germany. Everything was funded by the donations to the MYM-Trust.

As can be seen in the gallery on the right, the kids were enthusiastic and stood in line to try out the different play equipment. An enthusiasm that lasts until today, because in Kabwe there is a lack of similar places where the children can play undisturbed.

The inauguration of the playground was an important step towards the construction of the 12TCC children center.

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