Welcome to the website of the Menshi Ya Mweo (MYM) – Trust. On this website we want to tell you more about the trust, about our team and our goals.

The trust was established specifically to support the community of the Zambian city of Kabwe. For general information about Zambia and Kabwe, visit the page Zambia and Kabwe.

Learn more about the origins, motivations, intentions and objectives of the MYM-Trust on the page of About the Trust.

Organisational structure

Our team has also founded 7×7 Zambia Limited, which deals with social buiness projects in Kabwe in different innovative and create fields. The main objectives are to promote the local economic activities, to create local jobs, to provide reliable food and to contribute to build functional, durable homes with the vision of a sustainable improvement of the living conditions in the community. For more information go to: www.7x7zambia.com.

Lazarous Chongo, who is an essential team member and initiator of the MYM-Trust and 7×7 Zambia Limited (read: how it all begann …), is also active in the organization J.I.F.A.N. (Abbreviation for Jesus Is For All Nations), which brings together young people with music, sports and religion and supports them on their life path. If you are interested in the activities of JIFAN, follow https://jifanweb.wordpress.com/.